Nonlinear Control and Robot Laboratory

  Nonlinear Control and Robot Laboratory has been conducting the research on the investigation of control theories and its application to automatic systems including robot systems.

  The area of control theory includes the nonlinear, robust, and adaptive control theories for general nonlinear systems and the development of SOS (sum-of-squares) based control algorithms for nonlinear polynomial systems.


  The application area includes the followings:

i) vision-based tracking control and formation control of wheeled mobile robot systems

ii) vision-based estimation and control algorithms of quadrotor systems

iii) motion and range estimation of the moving object using the monocular camera

iv) robust nonlinear control of underactuated mechanical systems (e.g., pendulum, crane, hovercraft, etc.)






Vision based WMR tracking control without velocity sensor


Robust control of pendubot using robust disturbance observer


Autonomous flight control of robot bird


Vision-based marker tracking control of manipulator





Vision-based corridor tracking control
of four wheeld mobile robot


Hovering control of quadrotor system


Coupled sliding mode swing-up and balancing control of Furuta pendulum


Robust tracking control of omnidirectional mobile robot


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